C h e c k o u t
C o l l e c t i o n


The designs strike balance between notions otherwise worlds apart. The East and West meet in harmony, old and new sit together in a universe where fashion blends with interior design.

Established as a multidisciplinary designer, Daniel Mirzapour’s creations cover a broad range.

He has experimented with diverse media, yet a unified essence links the varied disciplines of his creations. An iconic architectural design may inspire a fashion accessory, and a clutch could lead to the creation of coffee table.

Having studied interior architecture and design in Paris, Daniel has taken on several in-store design and visual merchandising projects, working with prestigious luxury groups Richemont and Puig.

Thoroughly familiar with French culture, Daniel craftily draws on Western aesthetics while subtly teasing viewers by incorporating jovial Persian motifs. He successfully combines old and new elements from the East and the West, offering a refreshing perspective in modern visual design.